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NRAO Specials

2014 Long Range Hunting/Shooting School Dates Are Set!

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Course Announcement

Available Dates: May 22 thru 25 (1 spot)

May 26th thru 29th (3 spots)

(JUST OPENED) June 19th thru 22nd

2013 groupDue to the  success of the first NRA Outdoors Long Range Hunting/Shooting School combined with the demand for additional classes, the school will return to the Queen Mountain Ranch for a second school, which will run May 22nd  to 25th , 2014 and May 26th to 29th. Students will arrive on May 22nd ; attend class May 23-24 before departing on the 25th . NRA Outdoors is now taking reservations for this class, which will be limited to 14 students. Cost of the class, which includes meals and accommodations, is $2,000.

See the video and read the write up on the 2013 course here 

“The success of the first NRA Outdoors Long Range Hunting/Shooting School was a result of the combination of our excellent instructors; our partners Weatherby, Swarovski and Federal Premium Ammunition, Caldwell Shooting Supplies as well as the first-class facilities at the Queen Mountain Ranch that made this class unlike anything else in the industry and a must for any serious western big-game hunter and shooter,” said NRA Outdoors President Greg Ray. “We’re excited to bring this class back to the same location next year and to give more NRA members the chance to learn from some of the best.”

“I enjoy being around likeminded NRA members,” said 2013 attendee Ray Shulund, of Spokane, Washington. “I definitely improved my confidence in long-range shooting and hunting skills. The experience was one to be put in the books.”


Long Range Hunting 1

The SUB-MOA Institute is proud to partner with NRA Outdoors and offer Long Range Hunting One. This course provides each student the cutting edge skills in the use of scoped rifle weapon systems. In this course students will learn many proven techniques in marksmanship based on years of, competitive marksmanship and Long Range big game hunting experience. This course will require attention to details during the training.  The student will gain the knowledge and confidence to be an effective Precision Marksman in the field or in the competitive arena where only hits count.

The wide variety of terrain that is offered at our courses can not be matched at any other shooting facility. We have 1 million acres of terrain spread out over 2 states, UT, WY We have all the angles covered! Desert, high desert, mountains, cross canyon and all points in between.

The Course will cover: Ammo selection, ballistics & it’s affects at distance – Effects of Weather – Reading the Wind – Proven bullet placement on big game that results in a high percentage of kill – Evaluating the hit sit – Field shooter SpotterSkills – MOA and other Reticle Calibration – When to engage a moving target. Weapons Maintenance – Range Safety – Rifle Building – Range Estimation – Weapons Zeroing – Scope Theory – Marksmanship Shooter Observer Dialog – Alternate Shooting Positions, trigger control.

Exact curriculum will be provided before the school starts along with the announcement on details of a shooting competition (at the request of 2013 students) at the end of the course!

Gear List

Sponsor BannerRange Finder – Rifle with telescopic sight Capable of engagements out to 1000 yards – 300 rounds of ammo – shooting bags, shooting matt – Camera Tripod – Rifle Sling (Leather Match Sling is best) – Binos 7×50 or better – 20x spotting scope – Data book – Pen, pencil and eraser – Note book – A.L.I.C.E. Pack or equivalent equipment – Weapons cleaning equipment to include bore guide and cleaning rod – Lens pen or optical cleaning gear – Calculator. (Please note most optics will be provided for shooters to use during the course. We also anticipate the availability of a firearm/optic combo to be made available for students to try a different set up than what they are currently used to. (Do NOT purchase additional gear until you have spoken with NRAO, most gear will be made available during the course)

Meet the Instructor

Justin Richins of R&K Hunting Company has been a successful professional big game guide and licensed outfitter for many years. He guided his first successful client at the early age of 13 in his home state of Utah. Since that time his passion for big game hunting has grown almost as fast as his love for long range precision shooting. He has many long range harvests under his belt and has successfully coached many clients on one shot kills at extended ranges from 500-1000+ yards. He has become one of the top guides in the outfitting industry for his knowledgeable skill-set in dial-in and setup for long range hunting weapon systems. Justin understands the many different aspects that can affect a bullet’s flight path from the ground up. In 2007 he acquired his first machining lathe and built rifles for himself along with a 7 stall 1600 yard shooting range that has taken his skill set to the next level. We Make your Best Better!


Your stay with us will be a relaxing experience after a rewarding day of training. You will be able to interact with the instructor staff after the training day is over and learn more about techniques used by professionals, in the employment of long range hunting. The unique five star quality lodge provides a unique experience that is not offered at any other training venue.

Dates: May 22nd thru May 25th (2 days of instruction)

 May 26th thru May 29th (2 days of instruction)



  • Airport Pickup (Salt Lake City)
  • Lodging
  • Meals
  • Majority of optics gear will be provided
  • 2 days of instruction
  • Cost $2,000 per student

Registration and Payment information

Payment and Registration: The course cost is $2000.00 per student / participant.

Contact Greg Ray @ 1-918-407-2586 or email your request to for registration information.

Please register and send a 50% payment at the time of booking to guarantee availability. Reference SUB-MOA Long Range Hunting 1 when requesting more information on this course. We look forward to seeing you there!


25 thoughts on “2014 Long Range Hunting/Shooting School Dates Are Set!

  • I would like to get information about becoming a NRA Long range shooting Instructor?? Where do i start??

    Thanks Deputy Eroh

  • I am interested in this learning program and anything in general that will help me be a better shooter

  • I’m ready to sign up. Have always studied ballistics and have done shooting on game to 600 yards(under still conditions) with excellent results. Can’t wait to learn from experts, because I am not, and want to improve. The wife was an Olympic archer and is also eager to give this program a try. She is a steady hand.

    • Rick,

      Not scheduled just yet, but we are working other classes start for 2014, including utilizing the Whittington Center in NM. We will keep you posted.

      Thank you.

  • I sent an email request for registration for my hubby. Please call me so I can take care of the deposit and registration process before you are sold out. My phone number is in the email.


  • Besides Remington, what is the best single shot bolt action rifle/optics combo for precision shooting at 1000yds?

    Thank you

  • Will there ever be a program for disabled people on fixed income like this. We like to hunt and shoot also when able. With todays ammo cost and availability most of us can’t afford the programs.

  • Will there ever be a program for disabled people on fixed income like this. We like to hunt and shoot also when able. With todays ammo cost and availability most of us can’t afford the programs.

  • I am very interested in attending this shooting
    class but is there any age restrictions on this
    class. I will be 66 years old when this class
    starts and was a U. S. M. from 1966 thru 1969
    and in Nam 1967 & 1968 and I just wanted to
    know if I would be able to attend this class.
    Thank You very much for Your time.

  • i am wanting in, just curious, it’s not clear to me if optics and rifle are included in the package or if i need to bring my own. i have no problem either way.

    • We will have Weatherby rifles available along with Swarovski optics. You are welcome to bring your own set up that you shoot/hunt with as well.

  • Hi,
    I’m interested in going and would like to know if you could provide specific rifle/caliber/scope combinations that meet your specification of “Rifle with telescopic sight Capable of engagements out to 1000 yards”.


    • Because of the many options available we recommend that if you come to the course you try our set up with Weatherby and learn about other options as well and then we will help you with your decision based on what fits you best and what the end use of the firearm is for you. Hunting or more for range time. We sent you a direct email with contact information, we look forward to hearing back from you.

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