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Discounted Wolf Hunt Special For NRA Members 2013/14

Alberta has the most liberal wolf hunting seasons in North America and they still have a wolf problem.  Alberta residents can hunt wolves 10 months out of the year with no license needed and non residents can do the same as long as they purchased a wolf license. Hunting can be done by spot and stalk, howling wolves in or the most common and most successful is the use of wild game carcass and hunting from a blind. I just recently returned from Alberta and witnessed first hand not just the size of the packs but the size of the wolves themselves, their tracks in the snow are the size of a large mans hand print, more specifically my outfitters handprint and he’s 6′ 2″ with a large frame and the hands to match.Wolf Priint

Alberta Wolf Hunts offer a phenomenal chance to shoot a timber wolf.  These are large wolves, standing about 36 inches to the shoulder, and are hunted when winter coats are prime, a large adult male can weigh any where from 120 to 150 pounds and some even larger.   These hunts are held in the scenic foothills of the Alberta Rocky Mountains West of Edmonton.  In addition to seeing wolves most hunters have the opportunity to see (not for hunting) other species of predators such as lynx, cougars, eagles, fox, and coyotes so bring a camera.

HRO Wolf

Wolves are smart, elusive  and war. Hunters will not only  test their patience but their shooting abilities as well, expect shots to range from 200 to 300 plus on an average.




  • Where: Two hours West of Edmonton
  • How to get there: Fly to Edmonton where the outfitter will pick you up for the ride back to camp
  • When: January and February

Jan. 27 thru Feb. 1

Feb. 17 thru Feb. 22

Feb.24 thru Mar. 1

  • Hunting Style: While several methods are implemented, spot and stalk, howling wolves in to range can and do work but your best odds are utilizing a ground blind  with  bait in the form of a deer carcass.
  • Guides: 2 hunters per guide with a max of 4 hunters per camp
  • Lodging: Outfitters home with hunters using two bedrooms upstairs
  • Cost: $3000.00 per hunter plus 5% GST
  • Included: Meals, Lodging, 2×1 guide service, airport transportation, game prep
  • Not Included: Cities permit and shipping of wolf back to state (average cost for both approximately $500)


To book dates for this hunt contact the NRA Outdoors office at 918 258 7817 or email

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