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NRAO Specials

New Mexico Special (Discounted Elk, Mule Deer, Or Antelope)

We have been waiting to put this one together for quite some time now and now it’s finally here.  NRA Outdoors has made arrangements with one of our New Mexico outfitters to offer discounts to NRA members for not just elk but mule deer and antelope as well.  Each species can be hunted individually  or on certain dates we can put together a Elk/Mule Deer combo. These  are fantastic hunts and offered on a first come first serve basis, camps are kept small with only 4 hunters per camp (exception can be made for a group). Your outfitter (Eddie) is a lifelong resident of North West New Mexico and knows these ranchers better than anyone. Eddie has been guiding since 1996 and started his own outfitting business in 2006. You will be hard pressed to find an outfitter that is more enthusiastic about taking clients hunting than you will with Eddie.  It is his passion for his state, the animals you hunt and most importantly you the client that makes his outfit such a success.

Listed below are several specials Eddie is offering to NRA Outdoors clients for more details or availability call 918 258 7817 or email info@nraoutdoors


COST REDUCED TO: $5,000 (plus license)

Elk hunts are conducted in units 5A, 6, and Unit 7

Included in all hunts:

  • Ranch house lodging (except antelope which is motel lodging)
  • Meals prepared by dedicated camp cook
  • 5 days hunting (except for elk/mule deer combo which is 7 days)
  • 2×1 guide service
  • Game prep

BL Elk Unit 5A is 11,000 acres of private ranch hunting with ridgelines, sagebrush flats and water holes.  Hunting style will be all spot and stalk or hunting over water holes and of course calling during the rut.  The terrain is pretty easy to navigate compared to most elk hunts.  Shooting distances can be expected anywhere from 100 to 300 yards, longer shots can be taken but probably not necessary. Trophies for this unit mostly consist of 5×5′s and smaller 6×6′s scoring in the ranges of 260 to 280 with opportunity for larger bulls.

Dates: (We can customize dates for any 5 consecutive days)

  • October 4th thru 10th (includes travel days) 4 hunters
  • October 18th to 24th  4 hunters



Unit 6 11,000 acres private ranch, with sage brush, pines and food plots. This ranch can be hunted spot and stalk or from ground blinds, also a great hunt for  hunters with limited mobility

Dates: October 4th to 10th Muzzleloader (4 hunters total combined with rifle season)

October 11th to the 17th Rifle (includes travel days) 4 hunters total combined with muzzleloader season


Unit 7 is a unit wide hunt on 69,000 acres both public and private land, terrain can vary from draws and ridges to open sage flats.  Hunting style is spot and stalk and water holes.

Dates: October 11th to 17th (includes travel days) 4 tags


COST REDUCED TO  MUZZLELOADER $3,000  RIFLE $3,500 (Plus license)

Mule Deer hunts are conducted in units 5B,6, 7 all private ranches

Included in all hunts

  • Ranch House Lodging
  • Meals prepared by dedicated camp cook
  • 5 days hunting
  • 2×1 guide service
  • Game prep

Badlands Mulie 2012Unit 5B is on 7100 acres mostly spot and stalk style hunting with an expectation of 25″ to 28″ deer taken and opportunities for larger. Shooting distance can range from 100 to 300

Dates: November 1st to 7th (includes travel days) 2 tags rifle only

Unit 6 11,000 acres spot and stalk and ground blinds over food plots 24″ to 28″ deer

Dates: Muzzleloader September 27th to October 3rd (3 tags) / Rifle November 1st to 7th (4 tags)

Unit 7 is 7000 acres , spot and stalk and water holes

Dates: Muzzleloader September 24th to 30th (3 tags) Rifle November 1st to 7th (4 tags)




COST REDUCED TO $7800 (plus license)

(Mule Deer in 5A Elk in 5B 7 day hunt) Only 2 tags


COST REDUCED TO $2800 (plus license)

Greg's Antelope

  • Unit 39 near Santa Rosa
  • 30,000 private ranch
  • Motel based hunt
  • Meals on the ranch
  • 3 day hunt
  • September 5th thru the 9th
  • Trophy expectations 14″ to 17″ with opportunity for larger


26 thoughts on “New Mexico Special (Discounted Elk, Mule Deer, Or Antelope)


  • Interested in combo hunt Elk/Mule Deer (if possible) the Antelope as well, all rifle. Would like to do in 1 extended hunt if possible. Will guide service be able to assist in obtaining license / tags?

  • I am interested in your Antelope hunt for at least two people. Could you provide more information on license availability, hunting style and previous success rate for this hunt.
    Thanks, Bill

  • Is the hunts for Rilfe or Muzzel loader only?? If you go on the combo package Elk/Muledeer what are the harvest percentages?? if you do see a bigger Bull Elk that is over 300″ is there an extra fee for a bull this size??

  • I, too, am interested in the antelope hunt for two. Is there any problem with obtaining licenses? Are any specific calibers recommended?

  • I am interested in your Antelope hunt . Could you provide more information on license availability, hunting style, success rate and is motel included. Also is transportation to and from motel provided..

  • Very interested in the rifle Mule Deer Hunt. Could you please provide information on the license fees and if non hunting guests ( my son) can be included for an additonal fee.

  • I am very interested in a Elk and Mule Deer rifle hunts. Do you have these hunts for handicapped hunters?
    I am missing my left leg above the knee. I am 63 years old.
    Thank-you for your time and trouble.
    Robert Blake

  • Interested in Elk hunt, Would need to know licensing fees to get an idea of overall price.Also need to know about lodging. I’m not too old for some intermediate walk hunting, but not an athlete either. Thanks

  • How are you set up to do a disabled hunt. I was hurt in the military and am limited to what I can do. Is this possible?? Thank you in advance for your attetion in this matter!

  • I am interested in the elk hunt. Does the cost- 5000.00 include tags? Can you provide a complete cost breakdown per person for the five day hunt?

  • I would like to know do u have any special guided hunts for some one who has had heart surgery and a knee replacement and is a Vietnam vet??

  • Interested in the Mule Deer hunt(s)
    There would be two adult hunters, both experienced. in Idaho and Colorado hunting.
    One hunter is 81 years old (father) but still fairly healthy and active.and son who is very very capable.
    Can we bring wifes who will not hunt?
    What is cost break down per person, include liciense?
    What is successe rate for “trophy” buck, 28 t0 34 inch class?
    If not this year how about next year?
    Prefer non- smoking and non-drinking arrangements.
    Can we use and or bring ATVs?

  • I am interested in your mule deer muzzleloader and/or rifle hunts; any dates still available
    also the antelope hunts-any dates still available?

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